We are looking for volunteers who share the same passion and interest: people who care for the environment and our planet. If you have some time, dedication and maybe some special skills to offer, please do not hesitate. We will need people to take care of:

IT issues, including website
events: organise and/or host
write articles
Answer questions coming in
legal issues
fund raising
start a co-operative buying group
help expats dealing with local authorities
helping hands
distribute information

You can indicate if you would like to volunteer some of your time or skills by just emailing us.

notes for potential volunteers

It is our legal obligation to provide all volunteers with the following information:

  • Sunbeams is registered as a non-profit organization "vzw/asbl".
  • Our Mission and Goals are legally registered and you can read them here.
  • We have insurance covering volunteers participating at our events and fairs.
  • We do reimburse costs incurred for Sunbeams, but only on the basis of authorization from the President or one of the two co-founders. All official receipts need to be given to one of the above mentioned people before any refunds can be made. For the time being transport costs cannot be refunded.
  • There is an obligation on all volunteers to be discrete and not divulge any personal information (on beliefs, family situations, health etc) concerning any other volunteers working with/for Sunbeams.

Ilke Pedersen-Beyst, President of Sunbeams