If you feel like doing a bit more this is the place to be. We are all howto_100consumers and all the things we buy and do have an impact on the environment - sometimes in a very negative way. Think of it like casting a vote: when we - the consumers - ask for something, the producers will react.

Write a letter or e-mail

Write a letter to express your views. We will provide you with some ideas, topics which we find important and eventually, we will post some draft letters in English/French/Dutch which you can use to make your point.

Ask your shopkeeper to sell more biologic or organic food or to stop selling battery hen eggs (the ones with a stamp on them starting with 3).

Address your supermarket so they label their products better. They should make clear whether the food you buy contains genetically modified organisms. You should tell them about anything which concerns you as a consumer; they will pay attention because it's the customer who keeps their business running. You do not need to write to them, you can just talk to them as well.

We will soon provide you with some ideas and topics which we find important. We will post some draft letters in English/French/Dutch that you can use to make a statement. How about writing to one of the big coffee brands about the recycling of their coffee capsules or whether their coffee is traded fairly?

Sign a petition

Add you name to that of others who feel the same way.

June 2010: Illegal logging

Illegal-logging destroys forests and communities all over the world. As a major timber importer, new EU regulations could help undercut this black market and protect forests worldwide, unless powerful companies succeed in watering down the agreement. Let's push back with a roar of strong support for forests - click this link to take action: http://www.avaaz.org/en/eu_stop_illegal_timber/96.php

April 2010: Whales under threat

Within days, a proposal will be unveiled that could legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time in 24 years.Once the proposal becomes public, member countries of the International Whaling Commission will make a decision to support it -- or push back. An outcry now -- in the days and hours before these countries decide their positions -- could stiffen the spines of those who want to protect whales by keeping whaling illegal. Avaaz has launched a last-moment petition which will be delivered to the delegates to the IWC every time we raise 100,000 signatures -- sign here and forward this message:

To parties of the International Whaling Commission: As citizens from around the world we call on you to retain the International ban on commercial whaling as the core policy of the International Whaling Commission in its pursuit of conservation for whales.

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Past petition: The Big Ask

On 11 December 2009, our governments will decide Europe's response to climate change for the next 12 years. Unless they agree to at least 30% cuts in European greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, we'll have no chance of keeping global warming below 2C and avoiding climate catastrophe. We need to make ourselves heard. On 10th August, more than 6,000 people took part in the recording of The Big Ask video clip at Ostende on the Belgian coast. This was the largest event against climate change ever organised in Belgium. The film clip was made possible due to the engagement of volunteers from Friends of the Earth, and many film industry professionals including award winning director Nic Balthazar, film crews, production houses, actors, ... the music was supplied by Hooverphonic. After you've watched the clip, do something, ACT NOW! Send the clip to politicians, friends, family, and colleagues. Then sign the online petition to demand that our leaders do everything possible to keep global warming below 2C

Past petition: A new coal power station in Belgium?

In 2003, Belgium passed legislation requiring the phase-out of nuclear power stations when they turn 40 years old. As a result, the existing nuclear power stations, which generate approximately 55% of the country's electricity, will be phased out between 2015 and 2025. However, replacing nuclear capacity with coal power stations is not the solution, as coal is very polluting and contributes to global warming. You can sign the petition of Greenpeace to oppose the construction to the coal plant in Antwerp in French or in Flemish.

Because you can make a difference...

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