Tree Planting - CO2 Offsetting

Written by Morgan
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As well as making Belgium greener, planting trees with sunbeams will help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some facts about CO2:

  • Europe produces the equivalent of 9 tonnes of CO2 per person per year (so everybody should plant 40 trees!)
  • 1 tree represents roughly 0.2 tonnes of CO2  saved per year
  • Which is approximately the CO2 produced by:
    • 1 return flight Brussels-Dublin
    • 1,000km in an average car (Volkswagen Golf)
    • generating 350kWh of electricity Ė the average person in Belgium uses 2,263kWh per year (6.5 trees) whilst in Germany itís only 1,533kWh (4.4 trees)

Please note that the figures above are only intended as a rough guide. The amount of CO2 produced various means varies greatly and the amount of CO2 absorbed by trees also varies based on species, location, age etc.

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