Sunbeams aims to inform, enable and empower individuals to take positive steps towards sustainable lifestyles. 


Sunbeams hopes to become: 

    • the pre-eminent source of sustainable lifestyle information;
    • a catalyst for positive change across all levels of society; and
    • an inspiration for similar grass roots organizations.


Sunbeams intends to: 

  • raise awareness of the relationships between lifestyle choices and the environment;
  • be a focal point for environmental information and help people to find appropriate environmental services to create and maintain a sustainable lifestyle in Belgium;
  • empower individuals to take steps to improve their local and wider environments;
  • facilitate the involvement of people from all walks of life in our activities and in their local communities;
  • encourage cooperation between different individuals, groups and communities and provide opportunities for them to take coordinated actions; and
  • serve as an inspiration and model for individuals to get together and engage in initiatives to improve their environment.


Sunbeams provides a platform to:  

  • share solutions to promote eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles;
  • exchange ideas and best practice on environmentally sustainable solutions to common problems;
  • increase awareness of the central importance of the environment to the global economy.

Sunbeams applies a comprehensive approach to relevant issues and involves individuals and their community, thereby increasing ownership of activities and projects. 

Sunbeams is non-political and aims to build bridges across all barriers.


Sunbeams activities include:

Sharing information through

  • our website
  • a monthly newsletter, distributed by email
  • 'getting started' guides for newcomers and students in Belgium
  • information packs distributed at, eg fairs, meetings and events
  • giving presentations on topics such as energy saving and eco-friendly presents
  • conducting hands-on workshops in areas including composting and wildlife sensitive gardens
  • attending welcome and environment related fairs
  • arranging speeches by experts in environmental matters

Co-operating with other organisations and groups in order to develop partnerships and achieve more than we could by operating alone. This includes sharing information, conducting joint events and selling merchandise on each others' behalf.

In March 2010 sunbeams held its first annual tree planting event which resulted in the planting of over 2,000 trees by more than 500 people in a single day. The event brought together individuals and groups from a wide range of Belgian and international organisations and will serve as a model for future co-operation on environmental matters. 

In April 2010, sunbeams was registered as a not for profit organisation (ASBL / VZW) in Belgium.