about us

Ilke - founder and president

Ilke Ilke is Belgian and did development cooperation in a former life. She has always had a passion for nature showing her kids e.g. the transformation of butterflies and tadpoles in her kitchen. The idea of Sunbeams started growing in her head in March 2008 after hearing Lester Brown speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels. Now her kitchen is the headquarters of Sunbeams. She takes care of the cooperation with our partners and sponsors and is responsible for the overall coordination of Sunbeams.

Lisa - co-founder

Much like the black gold that her compost bin produces, Lisa works hard to recycle the many varied elements of her life into a useful end-product. A plant scientist by education, she helps to shape and enhance Sunbeams by decomposing her experiences as a mother, Montessori teacher, biotechnology quality assurance specialist, freelance writer and prolific volunteer. From Boston (Massachusetts, USA, not Lincolnshire, England), Lisa has also lived in Iceland, Turkey, and England prior to moving to Belgium in 2006. When not spending time with her husband, two children and four quadrupeds, she makes every effort to integrate in Belgium by improving her Flemish and French language skills.


Leanne Leanne spent most of her childhood rummaging around in the muck and mud for all manner of creepy-crawlies and ardently hopes her children and their children and their children's children can do the same. She has written for several expat oriented publications and is currently studying for her masters in management.

Eva - business relations

Eva is a freelance consultant that assists companies in the management of their business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society and the environment. She is from Barcelona and has been in Belgium since 2003.

Andrew - creative director, bus driver

Andrew The pictures guy, Andrew hails from Canada and hopes to allowed back in someday. When not drawing things he likes to make things or tinker with things with engines. A successful freelance commercial artist and teacher Andrew moved to Brussels in 2005 and is a proud house husband.

Dave - writer

davemeyer Dave is an American writer who started working with Sunbeams while living in Brussels. At the moment he is biking around the world working on permaculture farms and trying to contribute to the newsletter as often as possible. More information is available on his website.

Morgan - website wrangler, IT co-ordinator

morgan1 International philantropist and inventor of polar bears, Morgan tends to start every paragraph with nonsense. From Dublin, he has been in Brussels for 15 years. A geologist by training, he now earns a living by convincing people that he knows something about technology.

Arijana - researcher

Arijana is a mathematician and a full time mum, conducting research on alternative treatments of neurological disorders, in the field of biochemistry, nutrition, energy medicine and subconscious mind.


Olga Olga has had to be green from early childhood on, when she helped her parents every summer to grow own vegetables in the garden around their summer house near Saint Petersburg. She has studied climatology in Russia and environmental management at EPCEM (Netherlands) and has working experience in the Polish renewable energy sector. Starting a new life again in Belgium, Olga joined Sunbeams to share her experience and hobby (actions' graphic design) with the rest of this strong international team.


courtenay Lover of winged creatures, dark chocolate and spirited children. Trained as an ecologist, she's taught a handful of -ologies (ornith-, entom-, evolutionary eco-) stateside in a tenured post, and will always remain a teacher at heart.  Her greatest pleasure comes from discovering and sharing the secrets of the natural world, especially with kids.  She moved to Belgium with her family in 2005 and now spends her time teaching yoga to children and exploring many facets of the Old World.


Laura Irvine Laura is Canadian and currently works for the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) as a project manager for a European Commission funded project that studies the integrated impacts of natural disasters in Asia and Europe (MICRODIS). She has long been an environmentalist, even founding the Student Environmental Forum at the University of Kent at Brussels and presenting at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2008. With the Sunbeams team, she has taken part in many fun environmental events and now focuses on targeting the university population in Brussels to spark participation, information sharing and awareness for eco-friendly living.


Alex is German and very interested in all things green. He does not own a car, but should still use his bike more often. Alex collaborates in the website team and maintains the Sunbeams Facebook page. To pay his bills (which he tries to receive electronically whenever possible) he works as a conference interpreter for a European institution.


Geoffrey, our resident Joomla expert, is an experienced breathwork facilitator, EFT practitioner, Laughter Coach, Teacher and life smilist. He has assisted many people to find, create and manifest better, happier and more fullfilling lives. He has extensive experience as a breathwork, EFT and Laughter therapist. His scope of treatments includes: Family and relationship issues, sexual and other abuse issues, depressions, OCD, addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, general life improvement.


Rima is a political scientist by training and moved to Brussels in 2008 where she has been working as a consultant since then. Her interests are many, from the environment, alternative health, to organizational development. In her free time she enjoys taking care of her many plants.


Nüket is a natural health coach with a background in naturopathy, coaching and business. She combines her experiences to focus on a holistic approach to healthy living and well being. She works with individuals and companies helping in the creation of lifestyles and environments that are healthy and balanced. In her prior life she worked in the fast paced international high tech sector and in her free time traveled the world in search of blue waters, wild animals and local culture. Originally from California, Nüket endeavors to live a natural lifestyle in Brussels and most of the wild animals she now sees are limited to the occasional fox or rabbit in Woluwe park.

and the strong behind the scenes team: Beatrix, Ellen, Eli, Fiona, Jane, Jarita, Katrina, Kirstie, Leanne, Martina, Nickie, Nikoleta, Nuket, Ronna, Sarah, Tamas, Vanessa... and you?